A greener, cleaner, healthier and safer alternative

Life is about the conscious choices we make and the commitments we keep, isn’t it? Sometimes even the smallest of choices can make a huge difference.
One of them is about being mindful of the products we use and their impact on us and the eco-system that sustains not only us but the other beings sharing our eco-space.

When I decided to make a conscious decision to use a Praanapoorna kitchen soapnut scrub cleaning solution, I never expected the deeper mindset from years of conditioning to come in the way of adopting it. One that resisted change. One that spoke of wasting efforts, time on something that might not be as efficient as the mass manufactured, visually appealing container of clear liquid selected from the aisle of a supermarket. So it was a constant reminder to keep the comparison fair and grounded as I weighed the pros and cons between the two. It required an effort to peel the ‘feel-good complacent’ layer in my mind to stay aware that the sparkling liquid that claims to cut through grease and leave a lovely fragrance is but just a concoction of synthetic chemicals…the very same that contributes to the frothing of the lake, fumes, pollution and more.
Yes, the intense odor of the green alternative, the humble solution I consciously chose was overwhelming initially, but on second thoughts didn’t the smell bear testimony to nature’s goodness, the microbes at work?
And surprisingly it cuts through the grease on par with the other, and as quickly, if not faster, raising the confidence levels on its efficiency.
The mashed and fermented consistency and murky appearance might not immediately appeal to the senses that have been refined by years of gazing upon deceptively smooth appearances of the mass-manufactured cleaning products, but then it does surely appeal when you ponder over the advantages it inherently offers. Not only is it naturally pH balanced making it skin friendly, but even the left over particles on cutlery and utensils, if any are ingested, they will not harm your insides while the same can’t be said of the other now, can it?
So simply put not only does it deliver on its promise to clean and efficiently at that, but more importantly it does so safely, without harming the environment or compromising on one’s health. It provides a greener and healthier option for the family. One that promotes an environmentally friendly living.
And the container of recycled glass bottle that holds it only adds to it’s earthly and heartwarming charm. Exciting to see that
Www.praanapoorna.com offers an entire range of other green products too that can help make a meaningful difference.
It is not often that I write and share about products I use, but this was a heartful experience that inspired a write-up.

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