A marvelous journey

This has all the makings of a blockbuster animated movie. One featuring a brave and resourceful set of little monkeys who decided to cross the Atlantic against all odds. On a raft. Maybe not a monkey-made one, but a natural one as in a piece or pieces of land that broke away from the coastline during a storm and the monkeys happened to be on it or deliberately got on. Imagine that! Pieces of floating land…islands filled with lush vegetation to sustain the monkeys through the long and arduous journey. Ofcourse there could be other possible explanations on how the monkeys made this transatlantic voyage covering 900 miles… (Remember the movie Madagascar?!)

But then the kicker…this remarkable journey of these Ucayalipithecus monkeys, who are now extinct, took place 35 million years ago.

There are only few other prehistoric little creatures who could claim to have accomplished a migration as amazing as this, crossing the Atlantic that is…as of now…until other discoveries are made.

Here’s the article, if you think I am making this up…

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