Queen of Pickles

Green mango pickle goes well with rice or chapathi or paratha or phulka or bread and curd or plain cooked lentils on the side or in any order or combination you please.
While Mango is known to be the king of fruits it is only normal for a pickle made with its unripe kind to be the uncrowned queen of pickles, don’t you think?
It can spice up any meal with that special zing. And ofcourse it can help you tide over the ‘do not feel like cooking days’ by boldly stepping in with a rush of flavour to rock your taste buds, make the nostrils flare, the ears buzz, scalp tingle, face sweat, eyes water and the smouldering tongue desperately seek respite in cool yoghurt.
PS/Disclaimer: Speaking from experience. Not for the weak tummies or faint of taste buds. And even if you are feeling brave and bold, best to consume it in moderation lest it set your insides on fire.
Incidentally here’s the recipe. For the pickle…that when consumed can momentarily transform you into a fire breathing dragon.

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