Chasing shadows

“How do I? How do I?”
Said Sally with a sigh.
“How do I stretch in peace
And make my thoughts cease
How do I stay utterly still
And in my heart let gratitude fill
When my shadow is trying to slip away from me.
There…it is surely trying to sneak away from me.
Don’t you see it, mon amie?
You do see it twist, bend and move, don’t you dear Trixie?”
“Fret not! You are not Peter Pan, my dear friend,” replied her pal brightly,
Her ears perked up like that of a pixie.
“Tell me then, how do I make it stay?” Yelped Sally, the canine gal.
“Oh, just let it go and you walk away happily,” answered her little pal.
“I shall keep an eye on it, so that it doesn’t wander too far or flee,
Anyway it is time for you to step out of your own shadow,” added she.
“Refuse to go with the routine hectic flow and just be.
Instead explore the marvelous world within,
Go for a tail chasing jolly spin.
We have all been relieved from outside pressures for a day.
You, they and I are free to just rest, bond, eat and play,” yapped the frisky puppy,
“No walk round the block today with our human family.
Got to protect them from committing a folly.
Social distancing and self-regulation is the key,
From the virus chain to break free.”

Copyright © 2020 RajaRajeshwari N

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