A nightmare in the making

Lightly perched on the green precipice,
The tiny winged insect inspects
A gruesome carnage on the leaf below,
All its reporting sensors aglow,
It’s lens wide and recording,
It’s filaments stretched and receiving,
Picking up the residual fear, pain and terror
Still permeating the atmosphere,
Along with the insatiable hunger
Of the closely lurking monster
That is holding aloft it’s poison tipped lance,
Nonchalance marking it’s stance,
Ready to strike and pierce calmly,
With its long spindly legs planted firmly,
Supporting a torso, lean and segmented
It’s beady eyes sparking demented,
Itching for a fierce fight,
And its orange-black exterior glows bright
As it revels in its recent kill
Accompanied by a hunter’s thrill

The fly suppresses a shudder,
Recalling what transpired…the chilling slaughter,
A ghastly show orchestrated with clinical precision
By the assassin on a murderous mission,
Just one of its many mercenary affairs
Approaching its naïve prey unawares
With the countenance of a grim reaper
And spearing it with its long sharp stinger
To inject a cocktail of toxins lethal
From its well-stocked arsenal
Turning the being’s insides to a squishy mess
Then slurping and leaving it’s victim still and senseless
A grisly nightmare in the making
That left the little winged observer mutely shaking

The fly was too lost reliving the horror
Of the merciless slaughter,
Crafting in its inner creative space
What it believed was a journalistic masterpiece
Capturing the sensational scene in its entirety
Topped with a byline publish-worthy
One with potential to set the world of flies buzzing
And its long stagnant career rising
Thus its reverie slid into a comforting groove
And that is when the assassin made its move
Swiftly sealing the fly’s future
With deadly pincers grasping the dreamy dainty creature
And delivering the fatal sting
Like a sliver of lightning
Before it could even put up a struggle
Making the feeble victim weakly chuckle
A compelling click-bait title was its last fading thought
As its life came to naught
And it succumbed, its mind melting into oblivion,
Its body growing numb
While it’s spirit merged with the unseen
Drawing a sigh of approval from the surrounding green

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