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Month: October, 2012

The Conversation

“Why do you write?” you ask, eyebrows raised
“fame or fortune or more?”
“a bit of this and that and a lot more” I answer
I wish I had something to say, more clever
time to stop this dilly dallying, all this dancing on the fence
“who are you kidding?” rhetoric… your eyes glower
“I, me, myself” I manage a squeak sounding so lame
you give me that stern look shaking your head side to side
I’m a little girl again, caught red handed prancing around
Inside a giant jar of cookies! with big chunky chocolate chips and macadamia nuts no less
my eyes widen and roll, my hands flap and flutter and I fold them in a jiffy
my jaw drops open, my cheeks are aflame
damn my reactions are so predictable, so tame
thoughts to words struggle to make their way out
I stutter and stammer and try to get a grip
but my tongue miserably slips and I just babble
“get a hold of yourself” you say, a look of shocked disbelief on your face
I think.. taking deep reviving breaths, this is life, not some crazy race
my thoughts so haphazard like a house of cards, collapse and unravel
I say with a look of naive delight “with words I just like to dabble”
“its like, its like they make me feel so very good”
“tosses up my mood real good”
there’s an unspoken question in your eyes
oh oh! “but no I have not set the table, there is no food”
how amusing I think, you and me, we frown alike
hmm…let me get back to that later
when I tap away at the keys, “it transports me”
yes it does, “to a world full of possibilties immense”
and yes…”the true reason at the very core”
“I know…I know…” now where was I?
“know what, what do you know?” that no-nonsense look is back and is so unbecoming on you
“I am finally getting to the point” I sigh
‘point of no return’ chirps the colorful little birdie on the window sill..
I give it the harshest glare I can muster
“how dare you look angrily at me” a piercing stare from you that chills me so
“no no no! you got me all wrong, I am not angry with you”, its the other way round, is it not?
so confusing!
I know I’m testing your patience thats wearing so thin
then I hear my own voice, its like a humming sound…
there is no stopping, no turning back now
“immortality….yeah Immortality”..an echo of me, yeah me! preserved in space and time, forever
Now that is the real kicker is it not?…
I gaze up at the stars fascinated with the universe
unbidden a smile breaking on my face
equalled in proportion only to the growing scowl on your handsome face…

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2012/All rights reserved


The very beginning

let me start from the very beginning
there came this time in my life
when I was hit, yeah just plain hit
by an avalanche of “rhyming” thoughts
that used to keep me awake at nights
compelled me to write they did
these thoughts, they followed me every where
through most of school and all through college
never a moment of peace or quiet
they burned and churned inside, growing and gnawing
till one day I decided to give in
and write I did, as the words poured out
there was no stopping now!

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2012/All rights reserved

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