Words strung together

Just a random musing.
A word or for that matter words strung together in a sentence comes to life only when absorbed by a reader don’t you think? So even a quote, an excerpt inhaled, savored and shared by a reader, is brimming with life.
It is eventually a reader who breathes life into prose or poetry, despite it’s very existence being the result of the toil of a writer or writers. At least that is what I believe.
The above thought was streaming through my mind as I was picking excerpts to share in a reader’s group. The lines from various literary sources seemed to call out to be chosen. And as I scanned the pages, zeroing in on the lines to share, could not help but find the little virus conspicuously winking at me from between the lines. And every line I chose seemed to allude in some form or shape to it’s presence and its impact on our lives.

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