Puppy Chronicles: Sally and Trixie – Lights, sounds and action

Every crackle and crash of firecrackers sent Sallyboo scampering into the house. She would find a dark corner to curl up and cower and uncontrollably tremble. That was until she found the little polar baby bear stuffed doll on the bed. So Sally climbed up the bed and pulled the soft and comforting bear over her head and around her floppy ears to muffle the shocking sounds. Sounds that probably threatened to shatter her sensitive eardrums and gave her flashbacks of her traumatic puppyhood. She seemed elated to have her photo clicked though she posed with a nervous chuckle.

Meanwhile Trixie, all of 11-months-old, eagerly ventured out to investigate, be it the faintest of sounds; that of a sizzle to the thundering loud burst of a firecracker. She was quite insistent that Sallyboo join her and kept nudging her canine buddy who just refused to budge. It was a while before Trixie just let Sally be and decided to step out on her own to explore a world that to her must have felt transformed somehow. What with all the unfamiliar sounds, smells and sights! Colorful flashes of lightning emanating from the ground and from the skies, tiny earthenware vessels holding waving flames and twinkling stars that seem to have descended from the skies, just to be within the reach of her paws…almost. And she enthusiastically posed for a photo with a remarkable glow in her eyes.

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