Antsy musing

As if there wasn’t enough discord, disturbance and distress locked in a deadly dance already, this disease had to jump on the dais too!
Yet the human spirit rises in defiance, fueled by love, hope, will and confidence.

These dreary and demanding days shall be behind us as the new phase dawns, suffusing us with the colors of compassion and peaceful co-existence.

Even as we dwell on the situation we find ourselves steeped in, our thoughts swirling with dreams, denial, despair, acceptance, hope and diversion…the other beings of all shapes, sizes and kinds go about their regular day untouched by the dark cloud of danger that hangs over our species.

These tiny creatures invoke such fascination in their state of being, as they thrive devoid of the viral threat that grips us.
Their moment after moment
illustriously spent
in mother nature’s embrace.
They converse, play and work together
welcoming yet another instant
free from the fear, stress, panic, pain and uncertainty
that plagues our kind.

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