Creative cues

The days are getting surreal.
Pandemic stays frighteningly real.
Thoughts are inflamed by the viral menace.
Familiar activities bring solace.
Repeating cycles of cook, eat, work and sleep.
Sense of ennui settles in deep.
Long and silent are the evenings.
Isolation invites artistic leanings.
Emerging enervating creative cues.
Ones that start with a muse.
An image, visual or a sound.
Maybe a feeling unbound.
Inspired by what remains unseen.
The arresting views on a human-made screen.
Peek through a window that’s squeaky clean.
Let your restrained senses bleed.
You have all that you will ever need.
An eager spirit, paper and a pencil.
Now indulge to your soul’s fill.
Draw, dance, sing, cook or write.
Go on…drench yourself in nature’s creative light.

PS: Attempted drawing after a very long time. Holding the pencil, flexing the fingers, concentrating and watching the figures materialize was quite magical. I was guided by a couple of Youtube videos showing step by step instructions to draw 🙂

Copyright © 2020 RajaRajeshwari N

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