Birds and lilies

Deep in contemplation,
the Coucal solemnly wonders,
why the two legged beings have made themselves so scarce of late.

With a casual glance,
the Bulbul dismisses the photographer’s presence,
returning to its snack…a worm plump and juicy.

Water lilies bloom unhindered in a pond, barricaded to protect the fishes from being seized by the hungry egrets.

The greater Coucal or the Crow Pheasant belongs to the cuckoo family and is also known locally as Kembhoota or Bharadwaj bird. With its peculiar and melodious calls, glimmering coppery wings, dignified demeanor and glowing red eyes, it cuts a striking figure.
I hear there is even a Kannada proverb based on this bird, a metaphor for different abilities: “Naveelu kuniyutte anta kembhoota rekke katkondu kuniyoke aagutta”. I understand it translates roughly to “Can a Coucal spread its feathers like a peacock and dance.”


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