Magic Feather

Dear folks,

I place before you…A tale of fantasy, adventure, friendship, and transformation.

It is a tale that has had me in its spell for a few years now. I resisted its pull. For I had my doubts you see. About the protagonists who happen to be animals, the plot, the surreal flow, its potential appeal, the theme, well everything about it. But it continued to pursue me, laying siege on my thoughts, haunting me, till I consciously wrapped it with my resolve and firmly tucked it away in a corner of my mind, like a piece of delectable dessert stored away for a rainy day. And it stayed there almost forgotten.

Then unfolded the phase of lockdowns and silent contemplation. And an errant feather that floated past me on an ordinary Monday morning, sparked the memory of what I had hidden away. It provoked in me a yearning to take a quick peek. That was all the encouragement it needed to swiftly break free, finding its way back into my thoughts, its allure sharp and stirring. And this time… I gave in, letting it lead me into its world. It possessed my creative quill, making it dance to its whims, bringing the story to completion.

Just as I was wondering whether the story can use some illustrations, a young and multi-talented illustrator reached out. Someone who had illustrated some of my earlier story books too.Shriya Bala … Soon she was immersing herself in the tale, making the key characters and critical scenes come alive with her exceptional sketches.

The manuscript was complete now, replete with all those things needed to release it to the world in the form of a book.

Even as the publishing process was set in motion, a sense of unease, hesitation to acknowledge its release continued to linger. A feeling driven by the current atmosphere all around. Something that dampened any excitement that usually hovers around a book release. Then the strangest of coincidences… the book containing the tale manages to unexpectedly go live worldwide, on The World Book Day!

Here’s a glimpse of what the tale holds…

The egret had been flying long and far. She carries a message and something more. When she encounters a group of angry crows she offers them a feather as a gift. One that she claims is magical. She warns of a great conflict and makes a strange proposal, accepting which would send one of the crows on a quest like no other. Thus unfolds a journey filled with adventure and camaraderie as much as it is laced with danger and mystery.

Links to the book.

Paperback Global:

Paperback India:

Kindle eBook Global:

Kindle eBook India:







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