Bizarre beast or a hapless pest?

A rosy bloom dainty and sheer

It’s fragrance faint yet pure

For a sniff I draw closer

That is when I sense you

Before I spot the cue

Fine bristles with oval tips

Followed by inky black clips

And then…poof!

Off you go

While I search high and low

Classic game of hide and seek

Oh I see you! I see you now

That eerie crimson glow

Under a pincer-like beak

Emerging from a grizzly, prickly form 

I can tell you don’t conform

To the human norm

O being of glorious mane

Untamed by sun or rain

What are you?

Perhaps a species new?

An insect mermaid terrestrial

A creature ethereal

Or nature’s little terror

You sure evoke awe and horror

Waving a raised limb like a retro dancer 

Bedecked with rubies and fur

Leaving a curly trail of utter destruction

With spirited gumption

Consuming tender velvety petals

And not sparing even the leathery sepals

Your fearsome gaze

On alert, as you deceptively laze

In the flower’s cosy interior

Visually contrasting with your robed exterior

Lined with plush cushions four

Reminding me of ancient fairy lore

Of an invite to the opulent lair of a bizarre beast

For an alluring scrumptious feast

Not as a privileged honored guest

But, rather to be served on a platter as the menu’s best

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