Bugs & Critters

Some bugs and critters hanging out in the greenery.

Orange lynx spider (Oxyopidae) – found it lounging on a mulberry leaf. It is known to be predatorial, snack on other insects including pests, pollinators even…

Red wax scales (Ceroplastes rubens) – resting on a balloon vine leaf. Alien spaceship-like structure. Feeds on plant sap, and its secretion can promote black sooty mold on leaves.

White-marked tussock moth larva (Orgyia leucostigma) – Spotted clinging to a pink rose. These ravenous little bugs have been mercilessly chomping on the rose plants. Otherworldly cute appearance, but beware of those fine bristles…they can sting, puncture and cause rashes.

True Weevil (Narberdia aridulus … possibly) Another pest I found on a plant stem.

And… The good old swaying Mantis – an ultimate predator to prey on all the above. So hoping I will not need to use any pesticides, organic or otherwise. Maybe some neem water can help.

Disclaimer: I am no expert. Information derived via apparently credible sources like research papers and the like, through Google searches. And some personal observations.

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