A mantis on a quest

A mantis on a quest
Bearing nature’s crest
Discards its coat of green
Dons one of a hue unseen
And steps into a place
Moving at a different pace
A realm of monochrome
Unlike its kaleidoscopic home
Guided by enhanced senses
Warding off curious glances
With its sepia toned presence
It intrudes in profound silence
Scanning, searching, seeking its essence

On being spotted…
The creature is utterly irritated
It stretches and stands tall
The look in its googly eyes says it all
Surprise, anger, dismay
“How can this be?!” As if to say
“I am not here to stay
Or to idly peek
Or to play hide and seek,’
It’s antennae quiver in annoyance.

“I am on a quest of huge consequence
So great that I had to interrupt my penance,”
Conveys it’s stern expression
Provoking the canine spectator’s reaction
And oblivious to the rising tension
The puppy’s tail swings in celebration
Welcoming this amusing interaction
Despite its non-comprehension
Of the mantis’s indignation

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