Hey there!
Where do you think you are going?
Clinging to the orange plant’s stem and crawling in that all-at-once strange, funny and scary manner.
What do you believe you are doing?
Riding a motor bike?
Going where?

Wait right there!
Yes you…eerie creature sporting otherworldly prehistoric looks!!
Lets take a good look at you, shall we?

Those horns, that form, tough hide, and thick spikes too…

Who do you think you are?


Is that what you are?

Nah! Not really.
Just a young plant-hopper, are you?
Eurybrachidae…master of mimicry!!
Ah…even more amazing!
And I am sure you are loaded with literary potential to inspire cosmic horror and the costumes of alien predators, and even kick off a fashion trend, if you haven’t already.

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