The Little Baker and the Nine Muffins

The Little Baker and the Nine Muffins

On a day, blazing hot and slow,
Paced like a strikingly dull show,
The child decided to pass the time,
By baking something fine…
She set out to make muffins nine,
And arranged the ingredients in a line,
Flour and butter,
Eggs and baking powder,
Baking soda and sugar,
Vanilla essence and buttermilk,
Stirred and blended to fluid silk,
Poured into baking cups little,
And placed in a heated oven, ready to sizzle…
Then she fitted an icing cone with a pointy nozzle,
Filled it with the blueberry preserve.
And two dots and a curve,
Are what she generously stuffed inside,
Those freshly-baked still steaming muffins…her pride,
Satisfied she stepped back with a smile,
Admiring and sniffing awhile,
That is when she saw them,
Just as they began the mayhem,
They jiggled, shook, and rolled,
Their grainy faces contorted with laughter,
As they evaded capture,
Coming to life with names unique,
Making it difficult for her to pick,
Sticking out a tongue was Funny,
Drooling one among them was Drowny,
The smirking wisecracker was Runny,
While the slyly winking dumpling was Browny,
The sniggering prankster was Clowny,
Making faces at her efforts was Clumsy,
Sternly glaring at her was Frowny,
While the bright one was Sunny,
And chuckling at her was Baloney,
Even as she tried to grab atleast one,
They slipped away shaking in fear, mirth, and fun,
So she quickly stuck a finger in,
Spearing a cooling and ambling muffin,
And removed her finger with a grin,
Splitting apart the baked dough in two without a bother,
And gobbled the parts up like a regular monster,
Making the rest scream and shudder,
While she popped in whole…another,
And another and another and another,
Continuing steadily with her muffin slaughter,
Till none were left for supper!

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