A faerie in repose

She arrives on a shimmering raindrop,
And alights at her transient stop;
A faraway realm so fractured and fragile
That beckons her to rest a while…
After feasting on pollen and nectar
And adorning herself with a flower,
Her joy springs from just being,
As she reclines on the quaint swing,
Carefully crafted with twigs and twine,
Secured with wishes benign,
To appeal to a surreal creature
Gentle, kind and graceful by nature,
Just like her…
One who unfurls her sweeping leaf-like wings
As she merrily hums and sings,
With an ethereal flair,
Flinging her dainty feet up in the air,
To and fro she swiftly goes,
Blades of wild grass tickling her toes,
Her melody nudging away the shadows,
That creep and crawl in vain,
While her gaiety flows free sans pain,
Welcoming the soothing summer rain

Just something made to beat the lockdown blues and usher in some faerie vibes. Twigs, tape, twine, leaves, a little doll, a patch of grass and some inspiration. That is all it took to give shape to the musing.


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