Kako Returns!

Some years ago, when I was volunteering at a local govt school as an English teacher, I conducted some story telling sessions for the kids.
Crooked Crow was one of the stories. As I got into the spirit of the story, I found myself absorbed into the world of Pachaihara. The story underwent a natural and spontaneous transformation even as I was narrating it. Months later, I helped the kids enact a simple adapted play from the story.
Fast forwarding to the present, with the Corona crisis and lockdown, I have been coming across news bytes from various parts of the world about animals reclaiming their spaces since humans have made themselves scarce by staying home. Meanwhile I have been observing a variety of birds making their appearance, closer to home. The excitement and thrill of spotting creatures who in pre-Covid phase rarely or never visited is quite a feeling, isn’t it?!
But something that fills me with a sense of normalcy and refreshing warmth, despite the surreal reality, is the presence of crows. Crows are such a welcome sight especially now. So much so that I was inspired and galvanized into sharing a different take on the story of the Crooked Crow Kako, with the world.
Presenting “Kako Returns” in Kindle format.
The Kindle book includes the following offerings.
A tale about Kako the crow, that can be read and enjoyed on your own or read-aloud with your kids with sound effects.
A simple adapted play that can be enacted.
Some simple, easy to make recipes that can be tried at home.

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