Book review – The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I just finished reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.
Found it to be a nice read. An interesting, lovely idea infused into a story with warmth and intensity. Not a light read, not too heavy either.
It is a tale about a woman called Nora Seed, who believes she has hit rock bottom.
Stricken by desperation when she is having a particularly lousy day, she makes a hasty move and in an altered state enters an otherworldy library.
Thus unfolds a mostly absorbing tale of possibilities, choices, re-defining identity, embracing life without holding back and leaving behind regrets.
Fantasy, self-discovery, self-help and some philosophy all rolled into one. Narrative is simple and lucid, and does not distract from the story line or the theme.
I kept reading, though I guessed how it was going to end. It felt a bit preachy to me especially towards the end.
Based on my brief exposure to Neuro lingual processing, the book seemed to be peppered with NLP commands, apart from affirmations as the book came to a close.
I wonder though how this book will be perceived by someone who is clinically depressed. Whether it will have a positive effect or needs a trigger warning.
At the surface level, looks like it can be uplifting and help turn around the mindset or provide an anchor to unlock, shift the thought process towards hope and making things work.

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