Beyond the echo chamber

Trigger Warning… not sure under what heading though. Feeling uneasy today. Maybe it borders on the ridiculous to solicit responses to the question weighing on my mind.


I guess I am fishing for compliments about our species, the homo-sapiens. I want assurance that we are beneficial to our planet and the other denizens. That removing us from our planetary equation would irrevocably upset, topple nature’s balance. That we are integral in some way to mother nature and she does indeed look upon us as her children. Children who are capable of changing for the better and embracing peaceful co-existence with each other and with all other beings, while respecting and sharing the natural resources.


Now coming to the thought that has been making me shudder. Community transmission is here. Can’t help but draw comparison to the ‘Game of Thrones’ buzz from few years ago…the change in status from “winter is coming” to “winter is here”. Something that seemed elusive and several books, chapters, episodes away is suddenly here, too close for comfort. Trying hard to lean towards that part of my mind that keeps repeating like a comforting litany, “It will be fine. This too shall pass and you and your fellow humans will look back at this phase with wonder someday. It is just nature’s temporary way of taking a breather while admonishing her wayward kids…before bringing them back into her loving fold again.”

But another part of me has been clawing its way slowly and creepily into my conscious thoughts and it sneers, “What a fool! You and your kind are just wired to endlessly hope. What is your value-add in nature’s cycle?! What if nature is trying to just selectively and carefully pluck out your species like some invasive and harmful weed.”
Even as I pen this, I feel a surge of hope and love that is trying hard to edge out the doubts and fears. But the unease refuses to budge. It clings on with startling tenacity, mocking the airing of my thoughts in the echo chamber.
And the question haunts…What is the value-add of humans in nature’s cycle?

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