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Our planet, our gift

When the moon is on the rise,
And fire flies dot the skies,
Thinking of the day that went by,
And the nature walk that made me sigh,
Into the world of dreams I fly.
I pass a flock of feathered friends…
Look! A rainbow that curves and bends!
Wild and free animals of every color and kind.
Come, join the landscape on my mind!
The day is bright, lively and sunny!
Bees go about their day carrying sweet honey.
See those trees that offer fruits and cool shade.
Tall green grass that with season shall slowly fade.
Dance and sway to the gentle breeze.
Hope this magical day does not ever cease.
Rain showers cool the day’s sweltering heat.
Followed by an earthy smell so rich and sweet.
Everything here is on the move.
Sliding into the familiar groove.
Full of life and beauty, velvetty flowers bloom.
Far away I hear the thunder loudly boom,
And the rustling of the countless leaves.
See that cloud, the shape it weaves.
Like cotton candy scattered above.
In nature’s embrace there is so much to love.
So why don’t we take a pledge now?
And offer our kind and sincere salute.
To preserve, protect and not pollute,
This blue planet with life so dear and rare.
And to wholeheartedly and truly care,
For nature is a gift that is ours to share!
Copyright © 2017 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani

The magic feather – 8

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“The chief is back.” Eguru raised itself to its full height and looked skywards as if expecting to spot the majestic eagle any moment. A shadow swept over the thick patch of grass, making Croja the crow abruptly whip up its head to follow Eguru’s gaze. It was just a cloud slowly making its way across the azure sky. Croja relaxed.
“Chief Gerandu! The leader among all Haast eagles?” Its voice held a note of incredulity and its eyes widened, as it quizzed Eguru.
“No other!” Eguru’s eyes gleamed.
“The prophecy…” Croja’s head began to spin as the vague and old prophecy resurfaced in its memory. The one it had heard from its elder several years ago. Its eyes glazed as it attempted to visualize the majestic Haast eagle in all its glory and strength. Its imposing size, formidable wingspan and a massive vulture like bill enough to strike terror in the hearts of lesser beings. But it’s imagination failed to conjure up an accurate image of the legendary eagle.

“Yes!” The egret’s voice cut into its reverie.
The three younger crows, Kajuko, Tracha and Minjo, who had been following the exchanges with growing amazement could not hold back their questions any longer.
“Tell us please, Croja the elder! What extinct eagle does this Eguru speak of?”
“In good time, my friends,” assured Croja waving a wing dismissively in their direction before turning to look intently at Eguru.
“Where are you from and who are you? Who are you really? How did you find us?” The elder crow fired questions rapidly.
“I come from far. I am but a messenger from Garalond. I found you as I knew I would. There are no coincidences,” asserted Eguru calmly.
Before Croja could respond Eguru began to shiver. The crows watched perplexed as the shivering increased and soon Eguru was shaking uncontrollably. The shaking intensified till its form became a blur.


To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 RajaRajeshwari N


The magic feather – 7

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The wind had died down. Not a blade of grass moved. The silence was thick and deafening. All the birds glanced at each other before turning their attention to the feather that lay innocuously on the bed of grass.
“An eagle’s feather!” whispered Croja in awe, its voice slicing through the veil of uneasy calm.
“Not just any eagle,” added Eguru its voice level.
“The one and only,” Croja eyes held amazement tinted with a twinge of uncertainty. Kajuko, Tracha and Minjo gawked at the feather.
“The true king of the skies. The Haast eagle.” declared Eguru with a flourish, making a grand sweeping gesture with its wings.

Sharp intakes of breath followed, as the crows unsteadily swayed on their feet hearing Eguru’s words.
“Where did you acquire it and how?” Croja’s question held reverence and mild impatience.
“That is immaterial don’t you think!,” pat came the Egret’s response.
“I disagree. It is of great significance.” Croja’s eyes narrowed and its voice went up by a few decibels.
“That eagle is extinct. The one that kept all other animals in check. Including the humans. But now you bring us a feather.” frowned Croja, shifting its gaze to stare at the feather as if hypnotized.
Eguru smiled mysteriously.


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Copyright © 2017 RajaRajeshwari N

Incredible bug

20170718_200705Spotted this shiny little thing on the seat, early morning, just after getting into the car. Believing it to be a sticker I reached out to remove it. And to my amazement, it moved… What a bizarre and beautiful camouflage on a bug! I wonder what kind of a bug is this…


Angry Bird

The magic feather – 6

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The largest and the oldest among the four crows stood watching the proceedings intently. Silence hung in the air heavily. The three crows now turned towards their elder expectantly with self-assured smiles. They waited for the elderly crow to join them in berating the egret on its idea and its choice of a gift.
“Croja! Why are you so silent?” prompted the first crow, giving the eldest crow a quizzical look.
But Croja the crow did not respond. It wore a serious expression as it focused on the sharp and distinct patterns on the feather.
“Are you sure, egret?” asked Croja the elder, addressing the egret.
“I am Eguru, Croja,” said Eguru as if it had not heard the crow’s question.
“You are concerned about formalities!?” remarked Croja with an exasperated sigh. “Eguru, is this what I think it is? Or are you pulling a fast one on us?” asked Croja, impatience lining its voice.

“What is going on here?” cawed the three other crows in unison, sounding petulant, as their gazes swung between Croja and Eguru. Mild anxiety and curiosity lined their words.
“Shoosh, my little friends! Hold your questions…Kajuko, Tracha and Minjo. Let Eguru explain!” Croja’s voice held steel. The three crows’ beaks hung open in shock.
“Yes, it is what you believe it is Croja,” replied Eguru calmly.
“And that would be…” muttered Kajuko the crow.
“I can hear you Kajuko…” admonished Croja pinning Kajuko with a stern look.
Kajuko the crow lapsed into immediate silence.

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Copyright © 2017 RajaRajeshwari N






Gaining awareness and taking ownership of one’s own potential is how I see self realization as. Potential for happiness.

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The magic feather – 5

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The Egret shook itself. A long feather dislodged from its wings and floated down to land on the grass.
The crows gathered around for a better look.                                                                         “Just a feather!” remarked the first crow in a dismissive tone.                                                    “An ordinary feather. This is the gift you planned to offer us…egret?!” asked the second crow with a skeptical glance.                                                                                                           “A little long perhaps… But not unusual. You must have cleverly folded it under your wings. Just goes to show you must be good at parlor tricks. But this is a plain old feather nevertheless,” added the third crow with a shrug.



The crows looked at the egret intently as they waited for a response.
“Call me Eguru, my new friends,” is all the the egret said, with a slight bow. It did not offer any more explanation as it stood upright again.



“After all that talk of a magic feather… Is this it? This just looks unremarkable. Silly egret!” clucked the third, shaking its head.
Eguru, the egret stood stoic and silent, its face expressionless.


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Copyright © 2017 RajaRajeshwari N

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