Inter-species face-off

A serene evening transformed into a turbulent show of inter-species face-off when a tabby cat climbed a branch, deliberately made the appropriate sounds and managed to draw the attention of Sally and Trixie.
A staring contest soon ensued between the two: the cat imperiously looking down from its vantage position and the agitated dogs looking up, resulting in an ear-splitting offkey medley of screeching, hissing, bawling matched by snarling, barking and growling.
The feline’s ninja warrior-like elegant measured movements and poses were countered by the canines’ Conan the Barbarian style brute-strength powered leaping, hopping, paw pumping and somersaulting designed to intimidate and freeze the opponent.
What is a human with ringing ears and disrupted work to do, when no amount of persuasion is helping call off the conflict? Click some pics of course.
After a decent amount of time, the tense battle of wills ended as unexpectedly as it had started, when the tabby cat decided to call it a day and silently walk away.

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