Feminism and Intersectionality

A recent social media prompt caught my eye and compelled me to ponder over what these two terms mean to me. I realize the thoughts that flowed are influenced by my personal life experiences and exposure. Here’s an attempt to articulate. 

It is not only the right to
and the state of being
comfortable, safe and secure in one’s own skin, mind and senses
and thrive
without trampling on another’s rights and
without fear of
discrimination or oppression or 
denial of equal opportunities, peaceful co-existence or access to knowledge
for being wired differently or
for standing out from the majority or
for being in a minority category or
for being any of, combination of or all of the above
on any grounds or context,
but also the right to uphold, respect, defend another’s state of feminism.

All the various grounds
be it social, economic, political, behavioral, physiological, geographical
that overlap, intermingle, intersect, combine
to generate biases, differences in the human species
leading to domination, oppression, discrimination
of one by the other,
thereby preventing one from achieving the state of feminism.

So what do these terms mean to you?

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