A Lockdown Lore

Full fledged partying during lockdown
Sure to make you frown
Late evening get-togethers unfettered
Unmasked and undeterred
All social distancing norms flouted
with such indifference
It makes no sense!
Even hours later it does not cease
All precautions thrown to the autumn breeze

A behaviour so callous and uncalled for!
The wild neighbours settle down for yet another encore
Gyrating on the grainy dance floor
To a feral musical lore
Blaring trumpets playing proud
Baritone voices singing loud

The merrymaking rises triumphantly
Celebrating flippantly
The others’ absence
Clucking, clacking, cloaking the silence
Shattering the eerie stillness
Their partying is annoyingly endless
The fun intense
Without the usual interference

Having monopolized the lawn
The thumping rock concert rages on
Before turning into an orchestra
And finally ending in a sentimental opera
To rival even that of the phantom’s
Sealing the preposterous spectacle with thunderous rolling drums.

Don’t believe me, do you?!
Sounds made-up and untrue?
But I have something to lend it credence
I present to you the sound bites as evidence
Captured sneakily from the balcony
Now listen!
All the way till the end.

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