Movie review of Spirited Away

A secret place tucked away inside an old abandoned theme park.
Chihiro, a girl in her preteens unexpectedly stumbles into this place, along with her parents, during a road trip. Her parents rather boldly decide to explore, despite Chihiro expressing her obvious reluctance and unease. Soon enough a bizarre occurrence leaves the girl alone and frantic. She embarks on a journey to free her parents. Thus begins an adventure, quite extraordinaire, replete with thrills, sinister vibes and Studio Ghibli’s trademark elements of uplifting warmth, authentic emotions, ethereal animation, quirkiness and eerie twists and turns.
One filled with magic, witches, wizards, ghouls, ghosts, spirits, shape-shifters and more. A gripping, edgy and enchanting fairy tale unfolds, with underlying messages of perseverance, greed, gluttony, friendship, love and rediscovering of self, woven neatly into the wholesome plot.
It is a recommended watch that manages to captivate from start to finish.
Watched it on Netflix.

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