Cinnabon! Cinnabon!

Cinnabon! Cinnabon!
Milk, egg, salt, sugar, clarified butter,
maida and yeast added in the same order
In the bread and dough maker
And a few hours later
A soft and fluffy dough is tossed out and turned over
With gentle ease, rolled and stretched proper
Into a rectangle with warm and elastic texture
Then a generous dusting of cinnamon brown sugar
Over an even spread of butter
And rolled and placed in a pan lightly dusted with flour
Let it rest before letting the preheated oven takeover
It transforms hardly fifteen minutes later
And emerges ready for a sweet and appealing makeover
An enriching dunk in a beaten mix of cream cheese, butter,
salt and powdered sugar
Completes the gourmet picture
Crust so crispy and crunchy in equal measure
Soft and chewy enticing interior
Air pockets bursting with lip-smacking flavour
Yes, it turned out just right…this baking endeavour
While the one prior
Was…ahem…proved a misadventure
A baked lump of solid atta clay on a platter
Even the canine girls, crows and squirrels refused to venture near
Well…less said about it, the better
Maybe active yeast, wheat gluten and bread improver
Hold the answer
To a whole grain bread, less dense and spongier
But let’s not dwell on this any longer
Instead return to munch and savour
The cinnabon melt-in-the-mouth charmer

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