Pages of my book

Thoughts crash and collide
Driven by a need to confide
So I let my heart decide
Allow my fickle muse to play host
But words elude and waver when I need them the most
They mock me in a steady rhyming flow
My expressions feel forced, dense and shallow
With lines that meander, twist, and tangle
The inner essence they obscure and strangle
Consciousness hovering on the fringe
Pauses to turn away and cringe
Yet I refuse to let it be
Strive…I strive to set it all free
Conventionally eloquent I am not
So in the form of stories and fables is how I let them out
All those emotions that clench
The intent they drench
In a relentless rain
Melting the binding chain
And those crumpled views flutter and stretch
Like the wings of birds released
When the nameless resistance has ceased
Unhinged they rise then swoop
Swiftly stringing words into the pages of my book

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