Life and times of a Bulbul

2016 – Young, bright, single, striking looking, self-aware, groomed to perfection, eyes sparkling with innocence, mirth and promise.
Observe the tuft of feathers on top…swept to an impressively pointy crown and the beak aesthetically holding a pit, strategically posing for the photo.

2017 – Stern, mature, mated, proud parent of first round of fledglings. Sports a well-endowed plumage. Driven by protective instinct. Slowly but surely turning into an angry bird. Feathers on edge. Note the gleaming eyes and the dignified yet not so pointy rounded crown.

2020 – Well into the family way, tired and weary parent of second round of fledglings. Frumpy looking, uncaring about camera pointed in its direction. Eyes like embers dimming under a perpetual frown. Not so gracefully taking time to chew and slurp on a wriggly worm clumsily held in its beak, the juices dribbling down. Well rounded middle, visibly flattened crown, tapering tail. And the picture on left, is it grooming itself or plucking out feathers in exasperation?

What a difference a few years can make in the lifestyle and looks of a Bulbul!?

Just an observation.

Any resemblance to humans is purely unintentional and coincidental.


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