Women empowering women

Under The Raintree Festival 2019
Under the Raintree
A unique cross-cultural festival that is the first of its kind in India. One is that is curated and driven by women from diverse fields, and with attendance open to all.
Feeling blessed and grateful for having been part of this event of such creative excellence, eclectic blend of interests and magnitude.
I was there on 3rd Nov 2019 as part of the Thus She Spake literary presentation from All Ladies League, Karnataka Chapter team led by Suchitra Kaul Misra and later conducted ‘Creative Public Speaking’ session as A.R.Sara, apart from participating earlier in the themed creative submissions.
‘Thus She Spake’ presentation inspired by the book of the same name, was well received by an enthralled audience, that was visibly transfixed especially by the delightful offering of graceful and artistic dance gestures by Ramya Lokesh in tandem to Suchitra’s eloquent reading of an excerpt from ‘Radhe’* and mesmerizing expression by Sreedevi Unni based on ‘Gandhari’*. *The book includes creative-tellings of the stories of Radhe and Gandhari, apart from others.
The ‘Creative Public Speaking’ session sparked engaging discussions and elicited a lively and enthusiastic participation by all age groups.
It was heart warming and energizing to interact with women from various domains, in an undiluted celebration of creative expression, inspiration and feminine energy.
Though I could not attend as many sessions as I wanted to or interact with all the other participants and the organizers, what I experienced was the making of memorable moments that were uplifting, electrifying and enchanting in equal measure.

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