A random musing…of bugs, leaves, toadstools and tails

The shy little bug
nimble and smug
pulls closer its glossy and dark purple shawl
and surreptitiously slips under
with every deliberate turn of the leaf
evading a closer inspection
by inquisitive eyes that seek

The proud little elf
An artist sure of itself
donning its colorful beetle palette
showcases its vivid masterpiece
painstakingly carved on a leaf
with tender strokes
invoking luminous feelings

The giant toadstool
follows no rhyme or rule
to sprout in the wild
harmful or nourishing
to the unsuspecting wayfarer
It reigns over the food chain from within
silently feeding off organic matter

The old and the new
leaves of ficus in view
merge and grow in tandem
to produce a contrasting effect
that soothes and startles
suggesting that a co-existence of ideas
has always been the norm

A curling, swirling tail at rest
of a being that is the friendliest
invites an observation
of its stunning appendage
Is it not an example
of something that dips, curves and bends
yet remains unyielding in sheer defiance?

Architected to symmetrical perfection
Or borne out of chaos and confusion
Random chance occurrences lacking complex vision
Or a mission driven progression
Perhaps a bit of this and that and more
Bringing or binding together in symphony
Harmony and disarray
Making it a life sustaining composition

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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