A song of personal space

The canine approaches a stranger,
A creature that is a lone ranger.
She tips her head and greets the snail,
With an enthusiastic swing of her tail.
“Sluggy sloggy, sluggy sloggy!
Won’t you stop for a while?
And grace me with a radiant smile?”

The snail does not spare a glance.
But the canine takes an eager chance.
Bends her head and sniffs real close,
Nudges the snail with her wet nose.
“Sluggy sloggy, sluggy sloggy!
Doesn’t that feel nice?
My precious friendship is your prize.”

The snail gives a mighty start.
Then just drags ahead it’s domed cart.
The canine is not ready to give up,
For she is one persistent pup.
“Sluggy sloggy, sluggy sloggy!
Where do you think you are you going?
Stop being so rude and boring.”

The canine now extends a muddy paw,
And the snail invokes the jungle law.
The startled canine is swept back.
She cries, “Why? What do I lack?”
“Sluggy sloggy, sluggy sloggy!
What did you just do?
You are such a mean shrew!”

Then snail explains without slowing it’s pace,
“You got to respect another’s personal space.”
“I have clear boundaries of my own.”
“Without assent you shall not trespass into my private zone!”
“Nudgy nosy, busybody grossy!
That is just the way it goes.
How the essence of freedom flows.”

The canine frowns then nods.
As awareness dawns she applauds.
Then in silent understanding she leaves.
And lets the snail pass in peace.
“Sluggy sloggy, sluggy sloggy!
Now that was one fine lesson.
I shall not step close without permission.”

The snail moves on with a serene smile,
Having conveyed the message in her own style.
To her favourite place the canine retreats,
While the observant bird on the tree merrily tweets,
“It applies to all, applies to all!
You shall not stick your nose where it does not belong.
You shall remember this like a catchy song.”


Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N


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