A snake by the lake

Just wanted to share a poem…a lyrical rendition of a snake sighting and the feelings that went with it. This poem is an attempt to capture in words, that moment in my life when my intense dread towards snakes turned to deep respect for them. The poem appears in the article here  https://www.hindustantimes.com/chandigarh/a-lady-s-snake-poem/story-Ccpnxyww47cEHNQucffTHP.html

A snake by the lake

On a warm and windy summer day
I caught a movement on the way
A shimmer and a glare
It made me stop, stand and stare
To my delight it was a plump and glossy snake
Real…and not some rubbery fake
It was slithering by the cool inviting lake
I held my breath as I fumbled with my bag
I absolutely had to click a snap without any lag
Out dropped the contents…comb, phone and all
I steadied myself, glad I did not fall
The snake turned and looked me in the eye
I let my breath out feeling rather high
In clumsy haste I managed to switch on my camera
My mind conjured up a mini orchestra
“Photo of a magnificent snake…la la la”
Yet I shivered as I wiped the fuzz off my modest lens
I focused, marveling at these woods so dense
For a while…not an inch had the snake moved
But now it rapidly tapped its tail and loudly hissed
“Impatient reptile…” fondly thought I
Finally I clicked away with a happy sigh
Jubilant in my heart and soul
At the wild new addition to my photo roll
The snake ready to leave, swayed its hood
I waved back feeling so very good
Then off it went fluttering like a flag in the breeze
I resumed my walk filled with calm and peace…

Copyright © 2013 RajaRajeshwari N

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