Can you spot it?

Can you spot it?
Shift your gaze
To the right
A bit more
Yes, there!
That steady glare
Trained on you
Do you see it?
Its eyes, wide slits
Lazy yet focused
Mimicking a tree trunk formation
An impersonation…
Rendering it inconspicuous…almost
Its tentacles wrapped
In careless folds
Attempting to hide
In the shadowy depths
Yet barely concealed
It waits
The wilderness its cover
Cushioned by dense foliage
Its identity dreadfully sure
It remains subterranean no more
Having risen to the fore
Classic archaic horror
That spun off a fictional world of mythos
Adopted in comic book lore
And umpteen spin-offs more
That still reverberates today

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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