A carefree sight

A twig, a holder or a twine
Served as a junction for a vine
Its strong veins in patterned lines
Once so flexible and active
Ready to fondly receive
Eager to generously give
It’s task to simply strive
Keep the plant fresh and alive
As a transporter of supplies
Now released from it’s duties
Detached then carried by the breeze
To a not-so-far-off place
It came to rest in peaceful grace
In the cool comfort of wild wavy grass
Waiting for the remaining days to pass
Stretching under the reviving sun
Its life’s purpose done
Now responsibilities none
Its face wears a strange design
Is it a smile, a smirk or a sign?
Or is it lying upside down?
A rooty octopus with beady eyes of light brown
And on its forehead is that a wry frown?


Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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