A solemn plea, a prayer to the road gods and goddesses even as the rain gods and goddesses prepare to arrive in style…

Winding pockmarked roads take us home
Away from the blaring horns, clamour and mysterious foam
Through perilous ditches and dusty detours don’t you make us roam
For precious patches of tarred road don’t make our wheels comb
All we want is a swift, smooth and safe ride
To stay on the correct lane and by traffic rules abide
Rather than daily twice navigate this chaotic tide
But the roads, if they can even be called that…
They have surely stripped away any hope of that
Oh dear! They make us shout and swear
It is just way too hard to silently bear
Risking our lives to get from point A to point B
It is just not the way it is supposed to be
These roads seem to have a mind of their own
In distress they makes us painfully groan
With their muddy patches and frightful craters
Making us swerve, shove and jostle…giving us the jitters
Ever watchful of enormous potholes that wait to swallow us whole
We wade and squeeze through the local wilds even as it takes a toll
To lay claim on our invaluable peace of mind
A smooth stretch of road we desperately seek to find
As we long to reach home to laugh, love, eat, share, rest and play
Instead we are forced to watch our quality time slowly fritter away
It is no fun at all…no…not at all
Meditation to music..we have tried it all
But as the traffic comes to a stand still
Our hearts sink knowing there is no time to kill
We surely deserve better than to sit through stress and senseless chaos
We want to get on with our life without a traffic pause
It has been a long stretched out test of patience
All we want is to…on time reach our destinations
Safe and sound with some time to spare
For all those things in life so precious and rare
With all the taxes we have paid…to set things right…cannot be too difficult a task
Is that too much to ask?

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