Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale Analysis

This is filled with spoilers. You have been warned!

Game of Thrones finale…
It has been a series I have been watching on and off. Have only skimmed over the books, given the time constraints.
But it is a series that has slowly and smoothly drawn me into it’s fold.
Please proceed further knowing there are spoilers galore!
Watched the season finale last night. Maybe the earlier episodes prepared me or transformed my mindset. I felt the developments in the final episode made sense. After the unspeakable tragedy unleashed, when a human character, drunk on fury, hurt, hate, power and self-righteousness, crossed the line.
The story has come a full circle. Felt surreal. It is back to the Starks as their influence spans North, South, East and West when the series comes to a close. The Starks get to run the show, at the end of it all.
Bran Stark is surely a worthy and wise King to reign over the six kingdoms with a mind that is not only neuro-diverse but is endowed with expanded consciousness and memory that holds the history of Westeros.
Sansa becomes the single most powerful women ruler of the North, proclaiming that North remain an independent kingdom as it has been for thousands of years. Her character evolution from a simple thinking, naive girl to a capable and humble yet firm and assertive ruler after going through soul crushing horrible phases is truly commendable. She is resilient and learns and grows through her experiences and has retained her humane side without turning bitter or cruel.
In the end, the significance of Jon Snow’s biological lineage seems to highlight the fact that nurture triumphed over nature, given his selfless act of killing his true love for the greater good without giving in to the persuasive call of power, love, obsession that supposedly runs in his blood.
Tyrion as the king’s hand is apt. His integrity, objective, grounded and wise counsel, acknowledgement of mistaken judgement makes him the perfect choice.

But the ending was left open.
Deliberately perhaps?
Is this truly the end of the series or just a pause before reset?
There are some scenes that when strung together appear to hold clues.

Drogon carrying off his mother, the fallen angel, towards the East, after calmly melting away the iron throne with it’s mighty fire power. Did Drogon think independently at that moment? Or did he act after sensing his mother’s unspoken dying wish? Will she be resurrected like Jon Snow was? Will there be an attempt to resurrect the kingdom she razed to the ground?
Bran Stark offering to see Drogon’s location…why?
Bran Stark’s offhanded rhetorical comment to Tyrion, “Why do you think I came this far?” This held a twinge of the ominous don’t you think?! Is there more to Bran Stark than what meets the eye…in the sinister department? Maybe I am reading too much into this or just maybe the series did end on a diabolical note!
Arya Stark heading off towards the West to explore uncharted territory holds the promise of adventure.
Jon Snow back to the Wall (for a few years of exile it seems). Just before the screen dims and credits begin to roll, he can be seen purposely striding into the woods beyond the walls leading the wildlings consisting of men, women and children. It feels like a poetic throwback to the fist scene in the series. Since guarding of the wall is no longer important is it to explore what lies beyond to establish a new kingdom? A quest?
Maybe the book that is yet to be released will hold the answers to these intriguing clues planted in this penultimate finale.

PS:I had been rooting for Danaerys for long and with the way her character has evolved almost got me lulled into anticipating an ending that included her as the Ruler of the seven kingdoms in collaboration with the Starks. Wishful thinking. The only thing that has been consistent in this book series is the unpredictability and the fallibility and utter vulnerability of the human characters. In the blink of an eye, the master storyteller GRRM decided to incinerate the fairy tale ending I had been anticipating, leaving me blinking in disbelief and shock. But then the last episode and the way things flowed was truly heart-rending, surreal yet filled with beautiful hope. Given every human character’s flaws and vulnerabilities that the author was able to pick at with gleeful disdain, it seemed only fitting that the ruler of the six kingdoms happens to be not quite human.


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