Puppy Chronicles – Chasing egrets to running marathons to flying free

Taking Sally for morning walks can sometimes turn into being taken for a run. A run that feels like being carried away on a flying spree, free from the shackles of perceptions around the boundaries of space, time, energy and matter. The pics shared with this post come close to conveying the feeling that is quite indescribable really!



Like today morning, a nice and easy stroll with Sally was interrupted when she spotted an egret a few yards ahead on the grass. She came to an abrupt halt before darting off to chase the Egret. She has graduated from chasing butterflies to chasing egrets I thought. I decided to break into a run to keep up with her and what fun it was! The egret was airborne before we could reach it. But spirited Sally continued to sprint along with me. Soon a sense of well-being pervaded my senses. The fresh morning air weaved through my hair, myriad of fragrances from the colorful spring blooms swirled around me and endorphins rushed through my system. As we zoomed, the muted sounds of my feet and her paws seemingly hardly touching the ground, my quickening breath and drum roll like heart beat, chirping of birds and Sally’s short and quick puppy breaths, all mingled together to form an uplifting symphony of sorts.  In that moment, even though the after-effect lasted only for a few hours, I had transcended all the fears and doubts of being a frail and lethargy-prone human and transformed into someone who has tapped into the endless energy of the universe. Ofcourse it was a blessed miracle that my knees didn’t lock up on me or a stomach stitch didn’t decide to hit at that exact moment, to bring reality crashing down around me.

My mind raced, ahead of my feet, as I imagined training with Sally daily to participate in a marathon. Yes, a real marathon as I see the trend raging all around me, taking the young and the old by storm. What a shift in thinking that is, even if just temporary, to someone like me who prefers to curl up with a book, beverages, snacks and music any time that I could carve out for myself and someone who tends to view any form of exercise with mild disdain.

Whether this becomes a significant checkpoint in my life to transform my resolve to connect more often with the boundless energy of the universe and actually manage to run a marathon…well…lets see!

If you are wondering about the pic, that is from the marvelous movie, The Neverending Story. A children’s cult classic from the 80’s. The pictures feature Bastian and Atreyu flying on the luck dragon Falkor at different times in the film. Falkor is not mentioned as being canine in the novel, that the movie was adapted from, though in the movie it does resemble a warm and friendly dog with large floppy ears and doe-eyes, quite like Sally!



Falkor Images credit – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:La_st%D0%BEria_infinita_(film).png

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