Puppy Chronicles – Kako reacts

Kako the crow, who is a regular visitor, happened to spot Sally for the first time today and the reaction was…lets just say a little over the top.


Kako cast an unbelieving look before sputtering (which probably translates to hooting with laughter in crow language), wildly gesturing with its wings at Sally and tap-dancing, almost falling off its perch. Meanwhile Sally watched Kako’s bizarre behaviour with rounded eyes, her ears flapping slowly. Then she let out a series of short and startled yelps before whizzing back into the house.

What is it that you find so funny with our little pup Sally, Mr.Kako?

Disclaimer: Just to clarify, Kako the crow here is not to be confused with Kako from The Crooked Crow! This Kako is a rather dignified and respected member of the community and would never resort to the cunning tricks that Kako of Pachaihara forest would… 🙂


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