Remembering Lepakshi Notebooks

Monday morning magical musings with an alliterative kick!
Remembering the dependable Lepakshi notebooks.
Cream coloured papers with a curious and pleasing bookish smell and a texture that was not too smooth and not too grainy, that absorbed or held the ink flowing from the fountain pen without causing it to smudge or spread. It came bound in a firm and sturdy cardboard cover. The name Lepakshi printed in elegant letters along with the familiar logo.
The notebook with it’s make and feel was a beguiling combination that inspired a sense of endurance, dependability and trust, in being a keeper of the power of the written word and enticed students to write, to express on them. Not just notes, thoughts and diagrams but also squiggles and doodles that held a world of meaning too.
When the supply of these books started dwindling as the other more modern versions of notebooks started taking over the market, it prompted many of us kids back then to go on an EnidBlyton-like adventure…albeit a real quest to procure the remaining unsold copies tucked away in quaint book and stationary shops in far corners of the city.

Can find no images, remnants of the notebook online today. It is like it never existed or implies it has been erased from the human consciousness. But that is deceptive considering there was, still is and will continue to be a world of written expressions outside this virtual bubble we seemingly inhabit. It needs no validation. The notebooks surely remain, somewhere safe as they hold the inky treasure within, their power contained within those hallowed pages.



  1. Hmmm, the not so forgotten, long ago days were crazy. The brown cover and the transparent wrapping were taken over by rolls laminated brown covers. These new covers used be such time savers! One could also get creative with newspaper covers, gift wrapping covers or ones own diy ones. And the funny stick on labels would bring out happy smiles when admired. Yes lapakshi books were treasured. Of course, just as old ways shift a bit to allow the new experiences to enter – so did lapakshi for classmate and what not 😇🤗

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