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A resort right out of a story book

A resort that made me joyfully reminisce of Enid Blyton story books!
A memorable vacation well spent in a unique resort nestled in the beautiful wilderness of Kodai hills.
Fruits N Beans Mountain Resort. As the name suggests the scenic resort is dotted with fruit orchards and coffee plantations, teeming with diverse flora and fauna.
Apart from being treated to a captivating orchestra of bird songs and animal calls, we happened to also sight some of the interesting fauna native to the woods there.
Enormous yet dainty butterflies in vivid blues and greens, exotic (for a city-dweller) variety of birds and of course wild animal sightings too. The crowning moment for me was coming face to face with a bison. Majestic and stunning, it filled me with a sense of awe rather than fear. Before the fear could set in, the beast broke eye contact and sauntered off into the depths of the forest. And to think I had earlier wondered lightly about the “Bison Crossing” sign.
Wildlife encounters and experiences apart, we found the resort steeped in warmth and simplicity yet elegant and exquisite in ambiance. The rooms were spacious and aesthetically done with a rustic charm. The food was lip-smacking delicious and amazing enough to tantalize the taste buds with an appealing and intriguing spread that was a blend of local cuisine and continental flavours.
Was pleasantly surprised to find small shelves of eclectic book collections strategically placed here and there creating reading nooks and corners. Something noteworthy for a bookworm like me.
The nature hike was rejuvenating and a beguiling indulgence for the senses as the trail took us on a meandering path through the lush greenery marked by orchards of oranges and coffee blooms and more. We even crossed a macadamia nut tree and that made me instinctively look around for Kako (The notorious crow from my story books, in case you are wondering ;-)).
Overall it was a delightful experience that we plan to return to, for a long weekend. 🙂

Chain reading

It is not often that a set of perfect reads line-up to provide a profoundly immersive experience!
On a reading spree… Been a while since I came across such riveting reads one after the other.
Do I stop to share at least a line or two about the books or continue my chain reading…the dilemma made me pause briefly before it resolved itself in a jiffy, the moment my eyes fell on the next book.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive) by Brandon Sanderson
Words of Radiance (Stormlight Archive) by Brandon Sanderson
River out of Eden by Richard Dawkins

God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
Nine Lives by William Dalrymple

Colorful glimpse

A splash of deep blue,
My way steadily flew,
Swept by the morning gale,
The sky, in comparison pale.
Inner coat of brown and white,
Out of focus when in flight,
Wing span so impressive,
Looking grand and festive.
The sparkle in an eye,
While nibbling on a fly.
Gifted with a unique flair,
An elusive sight you were,
Till an opportune moment did appear,
A glimpse I managed to capture,
On my phone and on my mind,
A memory I can, at will rewind

Text & Images © N.RajaRajeshwari 2018



Homework woes! Something ate my homework…

Something ate this student’s homework. Read on to find out more…

“Your homework is not where it should be
So let me see…
Was it the dog that ate it up may be…
Chewed it all into a pulp
And swallowed it in a single gulp?”
Asked the teacher raising a brow.
The pupil replied sounding low,
“Ma’am believe me when I tell you this,
School assignments are not something I like to miss
It was eaten up indeed,
A most cruel and nasty deed!
Painful it was…to witness my work guzzled up in a blink,
But just not in the way you think…
So this is what really happened.
Do hear me out till the end.
It was a long weekend,
With an unexpected end.
I worked hard on the school project.
Smartly using the laptop’s intellect.
Loads of information I did collect.
As I browsed the world wide internet,
I found diagrams with properties of a magnet,
And images of the continents on our planet.
I say this with sincerity and no hyperbole.
Traveled from the tip of the North pole,
To the very end of the South pole.
To complete the quest you set me on,
Fighting every distraction and yawn,
I swiped across many a screens.
Switching devices with Apple OS to Android’s Jellybeans,
Did my research with great care.
So many neat facts I laid bare,
Skipping games, T.V and naps.
With a few moves, clicks and taps,
I saved it all in a large document.
You know I am a dedicated student.
I thought will share it with you a soft copy instead of print.
I even opened my email box,
With the swiftness of an exploring fox.
But just before I could attach and hit send…
There was an ‘Oh no!’ moment.
My fingers clumsily slipped and my elbow oddly bent,
Pressing the keys…control, alt and delete in a single motion.
What a deadly combination!
Off vanished my precious file,
Taking with it my intense toil,
To a world beyond reach.
A most inconvenient accidental breach!
Believe me when I tell you,
It was an action I could not undo!
So please please excuse me will you…
When I tell you…When I tell you…
It was not my dog so dear,
But my laptop for sure!
That indeed gobbled up all my homework and burped with a ding!
Making me sadly sing…Ring a ling a ding!”

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2018

Veggie fair

When I was a child without a care,
My mother took me to the veggie fair,
There were veggies veggies every where!
Broccoli, carrots, spinach and more wandered about, here and there!
They stomped around uncooked and bare!
I saw a lot more than my eyes could bear…
It made my hair stand on end…yes it did.
Running into them at every bend…as a kid.
It was oh! Such a terrible scare…
The veggies…they turned around with a rude stare.
I said to them, ”Eating you is so very unfair!”
They looked me in the eye and snorted with a glare,
“Don’t pick and choose but eat us all, then it will be fair.”
“Chew us raw or cooked very rare.”
“Munch us whole or in a salad, chopped up long, round or square.”
“Just eat us all up if you dare.”
“Chomp us up, mash us up!”
“To your health lets raise a cup.”
They began to dreadfully blare,
Dancing with a certain flair.
They swirled, twirled and lifted off the ground,
All of them…the short, tall, thin and round.
They rose in a riot of colors into the sir,
Till one by one they slowly did fade and disappear…
My mother smiled and said, as she ruffled my hair,
“You can eat your veggies at home, school or anywhere.”
“But if you don’t want your friends to flee…then your veggies don’t you share!”

Text © N.RajaRajeshwari 2018

Puppy Chronicles – The frightful mantis

With a playful glance and a happy yap, the puppy approached the elegant creature.

The one demurely meditating in the corner.

A mantis saying its prayers in solemn silence.

The puppy enquired, “Can we be friends?”

A K9 and a meditating insect would make a funny pair, don’t you think?

The K9 eyed the mantis standing so still, serious and stiff,

Then with a wag the pup moved in for a long sniff.

The mantis came out of its tranquil trance,

While the puppy did a joyful dance,

The insect turned around with a saucer-eyed icy glare,

Both its arms menacingly shot up in the air,

Bulky and muscled like a grizzly bear’s, were they,

Showing readiness for a mean fight and not play,

Ready to box the curious puppy’s floppy ears,

Even as the puppy drew back in surprise, close to tears…

The mantis resumed its earlier stance,

And shut out the world, its posture in perfect balance.

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2018









Write away

When the urge to write turns into an endless yearning!
Setting my thoughts and fingertips burning.
A hunger so raw, a gnawing craving…
Do I regard it as a curse or a boon worth saving?!
© N.RajaRajeshwari 2018

Jolly, Jumpy, Round and Red


It is that time of the year again! Heads huddled in studies and play! An exchange of ideas, thoughts, stationary, books and more. It is also a time that sees the return and rise of the dreaded little monsters that torment the head…so much so that it calls for a story…short but not sweet!

How about a hairy, scary, wickedly funny tale of four nasty, beastly, itchy, scratchy creatures! Interested? If yes, then read on…


Four little lousy lice Jolly, Jumpy, Round and Red,

Dancing and frolicking on my distressed head,

“Catch us if you can!” they willfully said, 

As they had a satisfying fill of my blood,

With every wickedly greedy gulp, 

Growing more bold, nasty and plump,

Causing a scalp itchy, twitchy, scratchy and sore…

The icky, yucky, beastly four!


Several sweeps of my comb I did dare, 

Through marked sections of my frizzy hair,

In a frenzy they fled to the untouched end, 

Unaware of what I truly did intend,

Still feasting on me without a thought or care!

Making my anger quickly flare,

With a scalp itchy, twitchy, scratchy and sore

The icky, yucky, beastly four…


More calculated and frantic brushing…

To keep up with my adrenaline rushing,

I forced them to go scurrying!

My focused attack surely had them worrying.

They ran to huddle in a corner panting,

Yet they continued to feed as if taunting,

Making my scalp itchy, twitchy and scratchy even more!

The icky, yucky, beastly four…


Even as the itching got intense,

I searched for them with mirror and magnifying lens,

And I had stumbled on their hideout…I could sense,

My fingers clutched the comb rather tense…

For a swift and strong slide down my long mane,

Finally got them all simple and plain!

Soothing my scalp itchy, twitchy, scratchy and so sore

The icky, yucky, beastly four…


Then a firm and fatal click of my nails, 

It’s a neat trick that never fails…

The irksome quartet of many a quirky tales

Now lie flattened and still on the shiny floor, 

They can cause mischief and trouble, no more!

Or a scalp itchy, twitchy, scratchy and sore,

Bringing a fitting end to this lousy lore,

Of Jolly, Jumpy, Round and Red, the icky, yucky, beastly four…


~The End~


Also published with illustrations on https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/37845-jolly-jumpy-round-and-red
Read it here :https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/show-in-iframe/37845-jolly-jumpy-round-and-red?iframe=true

Wonder Mouse goes places

Who would have thought “Wonder Mouse” would make it to Print Media…HindustanTimes 🙂
Here’s a link to the digital edition of the same –


Wonder Mouse

Tucked under an old rag in the loft,
A curled fur ball fuzzy and soft!
That is how I found you,
Sporting a pleasing golden hue.
A face spiky and impossibly tiny,
Eyes pitch dark and shiny,
Pupils glowing bright,
In curiosity or fright,
Sniffing with a minute nose,
You strike a winsome pose,
A smooth tail slim and long,
To grip the vines so strong.
Ears like fragile leaves,
Swaying like gentle waves,
Sweeping whiskers that softly quiver,
Fingers sturdy and slender,
Like translucent claws they appear.
Draped in a shimmering fur of gold,
Your movement is nimble and bold,
You…little creature are a charm to behold!


Here’s an extended version …

Tucked under an old rag in the loft,
A curled fur ball fuzzy and soft!
That  is how I found you,
Sporting a pleasing golden hue.
A face spiky and impossibly tiny, Looking so amused and a little funny!
Before I could react or exclaim,
The cleaner took careful aim!
Escaping the cleaner’s broom,
You dashed across the garden storeroom.


Eyes pitch dark and shiny,
Pupils glowing bright, In curiosity or fright,
Sniffing with a minute nose,
You struck a winsome pose!
Yet she relentlessly chased you around,
As you hopped under a cloth refusing to be found,
She lifted the cover and there you were…
Cowering yet watching steadily with a watery stare.
I stopped her from bringing the broom upon you!
It was just in time, phew!


A smooth tail slim and long,
To grip the vines so strong.
Ears like fragile leaves,
Swaying like gentle waves,
Sweeping whiskers that softly quiver…
Even as you did shiver!
I was alarmed when you stayed still.
Gently moved you to a ventilated cupboard under the window sill.
Tried to revive you with some water, cheese and pieces of fruit.
Next day saw you actively exploring in your furry suit!
Zig-zagging your way across the space, looking so cute!


Fingers sturdy and slender,
Like translucent claws they appear.
Draped in a shimmering fur of gold,
Your movement is nimble and bold,
You…little creature are a charm to behold!
It was time to set you free,
To roam the wilderness in peace and just be!
So I carried you in a box and left you in the tall uneven grass.
You leaped on to a large leaf and looked alert like attending class.
Then you zoomed away into the foliage of deep green,
Fading away in a flash of furry gold and in a moment you were not to be seen!


Copyright © 2018 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani
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