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A spellbinding vacation

A vacation in a glorious city steeped in old world charm…cannot be complete without…shopping at Haziq-N-Mohi ~ a welcoming treasure trove of old and rare books, an enchanting glimpse of Falaknuma palace, leisurely pigeon watching and admiring fascinating rock formations.

Daughters Versus Sons

“Daughters are the best!” A statement I hear from many…
Over and over again, they repeat it like a litany,
They offer underlying reasons oh so many,
All lined with indisputable facts, to that statement lead.
So daughters surely must be the best, I almost did concede…
Albeit with a punch of instinctive reluctance,
But something about it did not make sense,
And not just because I’m a mother of a son too,
Examine this statement I must, projected as being so true.
I’m compelled to debate it, the opposing argument however firm,
On principle I just had to and not on a mere whim,
‘Cause now where does that statement leave him,
With his sibling almost wearing the title of the best!
So I agonized over this question like it was a critical test.
And I carefully made a mental chart,
Began to analyze thoughts straight from my heart.
For a mother, can there be equality in disparity?
I dug deeper into my psyche for clarity.
Can I arrive at a conclusion that is utterly fair?
Follow me on this journey of discovery if it is a predicament you too share…
A daughter surely offers comfort by just being there,
And oh! she does it with such sweet flair…
Tuned by nature or nurture, to say…exactly what and when I need to hear,
While my confusion and pain he does silently bear,
Till he decodes the riddle and offers a solution very clear,
With his triumphant and winning smile, oh! so very dear!
She validates and supports my path with affirmatives,
To fix any situation, calmly he comes up with alternatives.
With clarity and openness, complex feelings she readily shares,
To step out of my little shell…me, he openly dares.
With patience and approval she shows her unconditional care,
With provocative validation he proclaims me a mother beyond compare.
She listens and reacts with uncanny understanding;
He instigates me and challenges my familiar line of thinking.
Her well-intended sarcasm, when prodded, always finds its mark…
He offers blunt criticism so precise and never off the mark!
She is ever ready to lighten my mood with a jolly walk in the park,
He is ever prepared to pounce on those intending me harm with the swiftness of a shark!
Mistakes are just that…not to be brooded over, she tells me.
He assures me that silly blunders are what make me as normal as normal can be.
While she can readily offer a shoulder to cry on,
He can immediately extend a shoulder to lean on.
Acceptance and praise on me, she generously showers;
Kindness in actions and expressions, without holding back, he freely offers.
She is always ready to gently explain her differing point of view at length,
While he is a rare combination of compassion and strength.
He defends me with the same ferocity my stand he challenges,
She supports me with the same wild intensity my word she questions.
But just when I believed I had slotted and figured them both out,
They go on to surprise me, as my observations they unintentionally flout,
What I thought applied to him, I now see can apply to her too!
And the other way round also does surely hold true.
I realize for today enough of my perceptions have been minced.
Thoroughly convinced am I, that not now and not ever, will I be thoroughly convinced,
As to which child should wear the title of the best.
So I arrive at a temporary conclusion,
Which I’m sure will be prone to more than one revision.
A daughter may be the best for you,
But a son is the one who can bring out the best in you!
©2016 RajaRajeshwari N
First published on http://maaofallblogs.com/2016/12/daughter-vs-son.html/

The one

All through your life, you wait
Hoping to meet that special someone…your mate
or for your significant other to reveal that spark within
your expectation is not clearcut perfection
That indeed is not what you fiercely crave
But just for that precious one who can bring out the perfection in you
Make your every moment truly deeply count
Take charge of your happiness and pain
Accept and embrace you as you are, over and over…again
Revel in your quirks and your flaws
Cherish and worship you for the divine inside
To say absolutely what you need to hear
Just the right thing at the precise time
Read your thoughts and grant your wishes
To raise you from the brink of despair
To keep you grounded and steady
When the wings of change threaten to sweep you away
To experience love that is truest of true…
After a long and intense wait it finally hits you
No warning or advance notice did you receive
To prep yourself to meet the face behind that elusive voice
The one you have always been hearing
nameless, faceless, the one that has followed you everywhere
you long for a glimpse of the person behind that seductive tone
that has been haunting you in your dreams
taunting, motivating, promising you love spanning light years and beyond
Then it strikes you like a shooting star
You feel electrified from head to toe
As you come to terms with being possessed by the one
The one you have been seeking all along
The realization rocks you to the core
You need not wander aimlessly any more
‘Cause you have always known that person
On many a occasions the one you did recklessly shun
In your ceaseless quest…your obsession
Oblivious to the one who trailed and guided you in solemn silence
Every day of your life, every single instance
Always on your side, this devoted friend
The wait has finally come to an end
And you are compelled to reach out to comprehend
You touch the reflection in the still lake
Shedding all that was meaningless and fake
Causing ripples of awareness to flow through
As you embrace the shadow so true
You can’t step away from its allure
A connection so simple and pure
With someone who has always been within reach
In your thoughts, dreams and actions…each
Now you know for sure, as that one comes into plain view
Yes…its always been YOU!


©2017 RajaRajeshwari N

Kindle on the go!

I have a collection of books from decades ago, which I just cannot part with. I have developed a compulsive habit of carrying at least a couple of books with me everywhere I go. It counters my impulsive trait to splurge on books at every book shop I pass by. Yes, the smell and feel of a book unquestionably add to the exquisite reading experience.
But for long distance travel I have come to rely on a Kindle, as it helps keep the packing light, serves as a reality check on my temptation to shop at every book store that meets my eye and also eliminates the need to safeguard my prized possessions (my books) from folks who want to casually borrow them. 🙂
I have managed to temporarily forgo the overall experience, to have a digital library at my disposal when I am travelling and to be able to savour at least the words, sans the touch, feel or smell (which my mind attempts to conjure up and compensate anyway 🙂

Here’s a verse to go with my love for reading…

Yes, I collect, cherish and treasure all my books,
Not just for their unforgettable characters and plots with twists and hooks,
But also for their lingering smells and distinguished looks,
Be they thriller, romance, sci-fi or guide books,
Turning pages makes me dream of flowing summer brooks,
Their unique textures tease and soothe my finger tips,
As I drink in the words with small measured sips,
Yes, I am an ardent collector of the written word,
I just don’t care if that is absurd,
I read with my senses to watch the lines come alive,
Even as into books of all sizes, shapes and smells, I deep dive,
Wonderful books from over many a decade ago,
They elegantly grace my humble shelves, high and low,
I like to carry at least one everywhere I go,
They can make time go incredibly fast or deliciously slow,
Some years ago while travelling a long long way,
I picked up an enticing hardbound, to indulge in my usual way,
But then, to my frightful and utter dismay,
I felt my eyes roll and my head sway,
I found I could not proceed even past a single line,
Didn’t matter whether the road was rocky or fine,
Reading from any book on the go,
Just made me feel faint and in sickness bow,
I was stricken as this condition lasted long,
I tried to compensate listening to song after song,
Swiping messages to images, I tried them all,
But that didn’t help at all,
It just made the time painfully crawl,
During one such never ending dull commute,
When the need to read was painfully acute,
I rummaged my large bag for at least the feel of a book,
A hard or a softbound that may be tucked away in any nook,
As a spark of hope it did rekindle
To my surprise, what should my hands land on…but a kindle,
An almost forgotten gift,
And an idea clicked rather swift,
I dropped my reservations a bit,
Starting it up, I happily browsed the titles preloaded,
Without a thought for my wobbly head,
Till I picked one I could comfortably read,
And to snap the device shut, I felt no need,
‘Cause lo behold! my crown felt just swell,
No sign of the dreadfully sickly dizzy spell,
Like a thirsty desert wanderer at a fountain of limitless stories,
I sipped, then gulped the words, line after line, swiping page after page,
My constitution cooperated, calm and sage,
My mind feasted on the words in silent raphsody!
Not perfect but nevertheless a welcome remedy,
As a travel companion, a kindle should nicely do,
To chase away any hint of blue,
With an entire library of stories old and new,
To paint my thoughts in many a hue,
The smell, touch and feel of a book I was willing to forgo,
While on the go!
So that I can continue to feed my imagination,
Regardless of my journey or my destination!

©2017 RajaRajeshwari N




A floating poem

A floating poempoem

Sea of memories

Sea of memoriesMemories


Write I must…

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Silver sun

Silver sun rises




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