One bug squad

The air grows thick and tense

As the assassin bug alights in silence

Nimble-footed on the tender stem

Exuding an acute sense of zen

Brandishing a mean looking mace

Adorned with spikes and poisonous glaze

With merciless precision to club or spear

Any victims that haughtily draw near

And all those insects earlier unaware 

Shall tell others of their kind to beware

Of this symbol of stealth, strength, speed and dare

Of a warrior bug trained in green warfare

To vanquish the reckless ravenous critters

That give plants restless jitters

It now stands stoic without breaking poise

As the plants sway in relief and rejoice

Welcoming it’s assuring presence

Their very own one-bug-squad defence

While the assassin bug can help control the harmful insects, it does not necessarily differentiate between the ones that are beneficial and the ones that aren’t. But the probabilities of it devouring the trouble-makers are way higher. And exercising a little caution in its presence can help you avoid getting bitten.

So overall beneficial to have this elite class of assassin bugs guarding the plants. A natural and fearsome alternative to using pesticides.

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