Mysterious stranger…

What is it that gave my sight a tug?
Surely it cannot be a bug
Remnant of a threadbare rug
Or a torn piece of cashmere shrug?
Perhaps a frayed fabric layer?
That sways like an ancient soothsayer
Or slithers like a menacing slayer
Yes…indeed…it moves like a skilled warrior
Is it then a harmful critter?
Is it out to devour the plants…this creature?
What is the identity of this stranger?
I googled and found the answer
It’s a mealy bug destroyer
What a relief, a beneficial garden player!
A fierce protector
That is welcome to stay
As it forages for its prey
Draped in a designer top
That serves as an unruly mop
As it sweeps the leaves, stems, and bark clean
Removing even pests unseen

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