Into the green wide open…

It was a while ago that the nature enthusiast spotted and showed me the glossy brown little pods lined like some constellation of stars. I saw them nestled between two dark green waxy orchid leaves. An eye-catching metallic shine making them stand out. Were they eggs, pods or something else? And that little insect hovering close-by. A guardian or a hatchling perhaps?

It was some days later that the nature enthusiast invited me to the viewing of the event that unfolded in steady human silence…the hatching of the mysterious pods and the venturing out of the baby insects. As I watched I knew I had to hold and place this moment in words, however inadequate it maybe to describe something so profound and mystical.

Into the green wide open…

The shiny oval cases crack
And out crawls an insect pack
Lissome, slender and fragile
Their movements unsteady yet agile
Armed with limbs spindly
And roving pairs of antennae dainty
Their bodies leaf-like yet sturdy
Shaking off the broken shells
Their coats glinting like green jewels
They give in to life’s call
Leaving behind once and for all
Their tiny pods’ dark and cozy stillness
That had enabled their safe transformation
Marking their swift transition
From oblivious somnolence
To stirring awareness
Unquestioning compliance
To rising willfulness
They tread with that just-hatched boldness
Eager yet wary
Curious yet hungry
While memories of their glossy brown pods fade and disappear
As they embrace nature’s limitless cover
And into the green wide open they go exploring
Their fine antennas quivering
Sensing their surroundings
Issuing directions and warnings
The familiar muted sounds now amplified
Life’s vibrations intensified
Into the foliage they blend in
Losing themselves in nature’s rhythm…

Yes, the title is a throwback to a dear old song from the 1990s. Can you tell me which one?

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