Jolly good song

For its a jolly good jiggly jello…
That no being can defy!
Neither the sharp-eyed crow
Nor the gently hovering fly

It fills you with giggles
Staring at you with unreal googly eyes
As it shuffles and wriggles
Chomping on the freshest of leaves

Its chubby form ever expanding
Showing off a glowing green exterior
From a suction mouth always working, nibbling
To a shockingly short forked derriere

Plump rings lush and translucent
Head, belly and bottom parts neatly stacked together
A vision of a worm so pleasant
Have you ever seen another?

Such is the vermilicious allure
Of this tiger swallow tail creature
That it makes you gaze, sigh and wonder
About the form it shall take in future

Weaving a sense of curiousity
Onwards travels the merry rider
Its destination a beguiling mystery
The cocoon retreat of this juicy caterpillar

It sways to nature’s beat and flow
And emerge it shall in a form ready to fly
For its a jolly good jiggly jello….
That no being can defy!

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