A Dove Story

In a misery craving realm,
With humans at the helm,
Days roll sans compassion,
And hope remains an illusion,
Despair crawls over emotions,
Dark thoughts drive wretched actions,
In a desolate place such as this,
A lone bird decides to call it quits,
And flies high and for long,
Leaving behind the human throng,
Till he hears the faint strains of a soulful song,
One that tugs and rocks with meaning,
At the core of his very being,
Guided by the musical vibration,
He dips, soars, and drifts reaching his destination;
A strapping young tree,
Standing tall and free,
In a land far and away,
Where oppression does not hold sway…
He alights on a branch strong and sturdy,
And his eyes find the source of the melody;
A lively and affectionate winged lady,
And off fled his bone-deep melancholy,
To be replaced by a strange feeling,
That left him pleasantly dazed and reeling,
His little heart wildly drumming,
And his beak happily humming,
Drenched he was in sheer and pure love,
Having discovered his soulmate dove,
And having found each other’s forever place,
They hug, kiss, and embrace!

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