A chirpy cheerful camper!

When a chirpy cheerful camper,
With feathers trim and proper,
Decided to stop and seriously pose,
It was my lens that it chose,
To capture it’s unique style,
Its stunning poise in profile!
Set like rare gems in an exotic isle,
It eyes eloquently speak…
A delicately pointed beak,
Framed by few wiry whiskers neat,
Match its delicately clawed feet,
As the Pied Bush Chat,
On a branch serenely sat,
Its slender and slim tail,
Still and seemingly frail,
With a pleasing yellow underneath,
To offset its somber stone grey sheath.

It carries an unmistakable salon returned chic look,
Freshly scrubbed and plumage clipped by the book,
Don’t you think?
It made me ponder, muse and blink,


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