Of insects anonymous

Disruptive the being’s presence
When viewed through a human lens
It calls for a closer observation
Verging on a blatant invasion
Of its personal space, its privacy
Inviting a surreptitious peep into its reality
Its gestures and its expressions so telling
Self-awareness of its importance
Lips curved in arrogance
Limbs twitching in annoyance
Shrug of defiance
Smug look of confidence
Though insignificant in appearance
Exuding a feeling of recognition
And an expanding realization…
A marked sense of knowing
The hold it has on a fellow sentient being
Does it mind the intrusion
Or welcome the attention?
Is it knowing acquiescence or a dare?
Does it even care?!

An interminable distance away
A world apart
Rests another creature
Seemingly oblivious of what lies beyond
Unaware of the ubiquitous gaze
Of the curious observer
Way beyond its range of perception perhaps
Focused and content, it lies in its realm
Swaying on an intricate web of its own making

Who knew a common house fly can prove to be such an entertaining performer when the spotlight is turned on it, followed by the contrasting calm of a spider in repose!
The fly broke into a graceful dance sporting a wide smile, its fancy goggles firmly in place, the moment it seemed to detect the lens zooming in.
It appeared to gyrate, twist and turn, flinging its limbs in different directions, and even signaling me to silently watch its performance.
Its movements guided by a rhythm, some upbeat music that my human ears could not receive. Was it a light-hearted dance show, a tantrum, movements designed to intimidate and ward off potential pesky threats or something else?
Never a dull moment when you are surrounded by such unlikely muses that manage to stir up the thoughts and provoke some lines.

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