Leaning away

For a moment, just a breathtaking moment
it is enticing to lean away from the reality
that pervades our world today
and gaze into the realms of other beings
lingering at the edges of our existence.


The still butterfly’s delicate stance.


The cloud dragon’s outrageous sneeze
as it is shaped and swept by the breeze.
Or is that a roar or maybe a yawn or a desolate cry for release?


An unidentified creature’s unnerving glare
As it perches atop a lilac hued bloom


All this while the mantis surveys it surroundings.
Then gathering its vivid green wings
into neatly stacked layers
it pauses its prayers
and gently sways to some inner music
Giving in to nature’s magic
before breaking into a synchronized dance
while the rest of the world fades into a trance


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